Search Engine Optimization

Quality content is King, but it means nothing without optimization or distribution.

It’s simple, we provide SEO as standard in our Website Design.

Already have a website? Checkout what is in our SEO Assortment Box.

This is also a great addon for our initial web design service, and for no extra charge we can implement it into your site, as a booster for your sites SEO. Use it alone or alongside our Website Copywriting service for a MEGA SEO PACK!

Our Kypros Web team are ready to start delivering your SEO results, so together let’s get your Business and Site found.

Our SEO Services

SEO Built Into Our Site Design

We ensure that the content on the website we work on is optimized by outlining the correct structure. Including site navigation, individual page structures, and focus key words and phrases used to increase ranking in search engines such as Google. Using these ethical holistic white-hat SEO techniques are proven to produce sustainable results, long term.

Our standard website SEO is in the language the site is being developed, either one of the following: English, GreekArabic or RussianIf you have a multi-language site, there are additional costs, as the SEO needs to be implemented across all languages used on the site, as to target specific audience used terms and to see the best SEO results.

All the websites we create are optimised with Technical On-site SEO and delivered with: 

  • Device responsive and mobile friendly design
  • Search engine friendly site structure
  • Optimised keywords
  • Feature rich snippets (title, permalink and description)
  • Image: alt attributes and titles
  • Internal Links
  • Links to your Social Media channels
  • XML sitemaps
  • Search Engine submission
  • User navigation experience tested
  • Crawl performance tested
  • Trust Signal Tested
  • First 3 Social Media posts created (for 2 Channels)
SEO Assortment

SEO Assortment Box

Our SEO Assortment Box contains a great mixture of SEO services designed to take a huge leap forward in your SEO efforts. Delivered in one large package of optimized SEO reports, created content and social media goodies.
Our SEO Assortment Box Includes: –
  • 1 x Keyword Ranking report
  • 1 x Inbound Link report
  • 8 x Optimised Blog Planner article suggestions
  • 5 x News and press release ideas to assist with brand awareness and link acquisition
  • 4 x 500-word blogs entirely optimised with; focus keywords, internal site links, tags and each an engaging image with alt attributes and title text.
  • 4 x Web Page optimizations. Optimised copy, including titles, meta descriptions, focus keywords, H1 + H2 tags, alt attributes.
  • 2 x Press releases with full media distribution in a country of your choice
  • 30 x Written Posts for Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn (10 Post Images). A combination of curated content and your own blog article posts, shared to help drive traffic to your site.
  • 1 x Google My Business details update
  • 2 x Google My Business post updates to share on your Google My Business profile

"SEO is more than just being found, it is also consumer engagement" - Kypros Web

Having a professional SEO Team onboard makes reaching your consumer online easier.

Investing in Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns can bring great results, however if you don’t have valuable audience appropriate content to support it, you are not going to see a great return on your investment. You might have a fantastic product or service, but how would potential consumers know that you are a leader in your field or offering a valuable product? They will know by your Business and Website Authority, by how big your following is on Social Media and seeing audience engagement with relevant content. Also, how many Directory Sites can they find your business on?

Kypros Web doesn’t offer PPC services for Search Engines, we do for Social Media, and we encourage long term SEO value and a positive Return on Investment (ROI), by supporting you in creating and adding engaging and evergreen content for potential customer to organically find your website and Social Media, then to use it to enquire or purchase your products or services. It’s all about what you can offer.

Understanding your business first and what you offer, and then understanding the consumer, who you are offering it to, is vital.

Want to talk about SEO ranking results?

We offer a range of Search Engine Optimization services to assist in growing your organic SEO reach and maintaining an authoritative online presence. Saving you time and giving you an opportunity to focus on taking care of your business.

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