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More than an attractive website, a 24-hour sales assistant for your business.
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First impressions through design, lasting impressions through a memorable website experience.

A website is the foundation of your online business identity. It is a greeting point and information hub about your products or services and can be an active platform for sales too. A website with a coherent brand theme, content rich with clear communication, establishes a starting point and structure for all your other digital marketing options.

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Our Website Design & Development Services

All our client sites are created on the self-hosted WordPress platform. WordPress is a Content Management System – CMS, which gives full flexibility for regular content updates on your main website pages, as well as blog or news pages.

Brochure Website Design

Our #1 website service for clients!

Our website is a brochure website. Unlike an e-commerce website, it does not directly sell products or services, but provides information about your business, the services or products you offer, and how you can be contacted.

Brochure websites are straightforward to maintain as the main content is easy to keep SEO fresh through minor updates. Ongoing SEO content is added by maintaining a blog section for articles or company news. This is the most cost-effective way to get your business online, as landing pages, microsites, or e-commerce functionality can be added on later.

Landing Page Design

A standalone webpage, independent from your website, or a system on its’ own. Landing Pages are used for service or product promotion content linking-in from other marketing sources, such as Social Media Posts or Ads.

They are part of a funnel system to encourage visitors to take action on sale items, to join your email list, send an enquiry, or to make a specific service or product launch purchase.

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E-Commerce Website Design

We use WooCommerce, for WordPress. It is the most popular ecommerce CMS plugin, offering easy to manage backend user options and customisation. WooCommerce’s functionality is extendable with other custom plugins and scalable, as it can handle an unlimited number of products.

WooCommerce has important e-commerce features and product options, which are essential for powerful store structure, organic SEO and digital marketing. It offers easy product or service catalogue management, inventory management, shipping options and payment gateway integration. It also integrates many print-on-demand platforms.

Our E-Commerce Website Design Service and functionality includes and is not limited to:-
  • Creating and configuring Key Pages:
    Products and Categories
    Shopping Cart and Checkout
    Purchase and Payment Confirmation
    Client Login Options
    Required legal pages – GDPR and Contact Information
    Blog / News
  • Fully Responsive
  • Social Sharing integration
  • Setup 10 products
  • Enabling product or service reviews
  • Integrating shipping options
  • Payment Gateway integration
  • Discount Codes / voucher integration
  • Cross product promotion options
  • GDPR Compliant
  • SEO Optimisation on-site & product and services
  • SSL Certificate

Broaden your Business and Brand, through our e-Commerce website design and development service. It is the ideal way to scale your business by offering the purchase of products or services 24-hours a day, without the financial outlay for a physical store, which is limited to local law trading hours.

With more people now choosing to shop online and the increase in available fast shipping options, you can reach a wider range of customers, as you are not limited to a physical location. Go national or even international.

Be found and build your consumer base. Using on-site and off-site SEO, lead consumers directly to what they are searching and then keep them up-to-date and engaged with new products or service, and promotions through your blog, social media, driving more traffic to your site.

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An E-Commerce store is great for developing your business, through site analytics you can discover what is in demand and what is not and more about your actual consumer persona, to identify marketing and business growth opportunities.

"Your website is your business connection to the digital world. It is the starting hub for all other digital marketing efforts."
- Kypros Web

Put your business in front of potential customers with our website design services.

We develop websites around your customers, and your business identity. Our design process is collaborative, so we work together with you to get your brand voice across.

Design trends change frequently, and we like to keep ourselves informed about the latest developments, some of which might not be a great fit for your business, so it is not only about what looks good but what is suitable for your audience. We take your ideas and add in our design expertise to ensure we deliver the best impressions for your business.

All our website design is bespoke, tailored for your business and target audience’s needs. We offer you a creative process which includes learning about you, your business, your clients, business website goals, and about your competitors.

Through our research, website design and development processes, we deliver a site which is the cornerstone of your digital presence and introduces your products or services to the digital world.

We also offer great Content Creation Services, providing you with high value SEO driven webpage copy content, blog posts and articles.

Curious how affordable our website design and development is?

We create easy to update websites and blogs, with SEO as standard practice in our development process. If our website design sounds like a great idea to you, message us today.


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